Holden vs Ford has been a traditional rivalry in this country for 40 years. "3..2..1..GO! Rallying" are competing in their immaculately prepared Holden Ute in the year 2001 Australian Rally Championship Series in a class specifically designed to continue this rivalry in the forests of Australia - the Aussie Car Class.

Thanks to the increased television coverage of the Australian Rally Championship series by the Channel 10 National TV Network and further coverage on the Internet and printed media during the past few years, rallying has become increasingly popular in Australia. In particular, the Aussie Car Class stands to be one of the most popular classes as these powerful and spectacular vehicles, which the public can associate with, are pushed to their limits in events throughout this country.

Rallying is as old as motorsport itself! Today's events are fought out over grueling days and nights in settings ranging from snow-topped mountains of the Victorian Alps, to the red dust and mud of outback Western Australia and even to the rain forests north of Brisbane. The course often traverses roads and tracks that are far from ideal for use by the average family car. However this is exactly the type of vehicle that forms the basis of all modern rally cars - in our case that traditional Aussie icon, the ever popular Holden Ute.

The Holden,Ford rivalry is commonly thought to exist only in circuit racing with the likes of Mark Skaife and Craig Lowndes doing battle. But, the competition between rallying's Wayne Bell in his Holden Gemini and Colin Bond in a Ford Escort during the late seventies and early eighties was no less furious. More recently Ford has again issued a challenge with the entry of two Falcons in the 2000 Australian Rally Championship, one of which was a Falcon ute.

"3..2..1..GO! Rallying" rose to take up that challenge!

With a well prepared vehicle, experienced and talented crew and a professional approach, it has all the right ingredients to meet that challenge with a truly competitive team so now

"The battle moved to the forest..."!

Furthermore in 2000, " 3..2..1..GO! Rallying" not only met the challenge, but in their debut season went on to win the Aussie Car Class of the Australian Rally Championship.

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