Issue 2, 2000


Welcome to the second newsletter of the "3..2..1..GO! Rallying!" Team for the year 2000. Since the first we have had great success with both our competitive events and also with further media/public activities.


As many of you will have seen, Ralph our team mascot has become a celebrity with both the media and public alike. Spectators have been known to wait for just a glimpse of Ralph riding in the backof the ute. With special permission we have been allowed to compete in the publicity and media stages with Ralph as the second "co-driver", which has generated an enormous amount of interest in the team and thus maximising exposure.

Rally Qld

What a dream debut! The team had a fantastic event winning both the Aussie Car class and PRC4 class (2000cc and over) in the Australian Championship. In addition we embarrassed some of the 4wd turbo cars in the Queensland Championship to finish 1st in PRC4 and 2nd Outright!! The car ran faultlessly and the teamwork was simply fantastic.

Rally NSW

Unfortunately the dream debut came to an abrupt halt in Rally NSW with Paul mis-judging a corner and unfortunately running wide into an embankment resulting in the car laying on the passenger side with some quite substantial (but non-structural) damage to the front driver's side.

With too much damage to continue the team worked extremely hard to ensure the car was in as good a condition as possible to compete in Heat two.

A consistent run saw the team finish 2nd in the Aussie Car Class - only 15 seconds from heat one winner Peter Menzies. The team is still joint leaders of the Aussie Car Class and leaders of the P4 Class of the Australian Rally Championship despite the Heat 1 DNF and we are looking forward to an even stronger showing in Melbourne.

The Car

Up until now the focus has been to ensure the car handles and stops as best it could. With these aspects essentially sorted the team has now a new engine built by team engineer, Robin of PerFOURmance Motorsports which will be ready for Rally of Melbourne. This should substantially add to the team's competitiveness. The damage sustained in Rally NSW has also been repaired and the car will look as immaculate as ever to ensure maximum professionalism for any media events we attend or are invited to.

Internet Update

The team website now has reports and photos from both Rally Qld and Rally NSW online. Also, we are hoping to include some exciting video segments from rally Queensland shortly so be sure to come and have a look for these to experience the action.

Public and Media days

The media and public interest in our team has continued to grow and as a result we have had numerous articles and segments on the Australian Rally Championship Coverage over the past two months. We were also invited to the media day for Rally NSW and as we expected there was much interest shown in the car. Members of the media were taken for a ride to experience what rallying is all about. No-one was dissappointed with large grins the order of the day with everybody being very impressed with Paul's ability to control the car and the car's ability to stop and go as it should.

In addition the team displayed the car at a Nerang pre-school allowing the children to climb over the car and become familiar with "Ralph". As would be expected the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we hope to be able to organise more such days throughout the year. In addition the local media published a half page article with photos which was great for publicity.

Driver Training Days

The team was again involved in driver training and took the car to a driver training event held at a facility at Norwell, south of Brisbane. Again, the response was fantastic with folks lining up for rides and Paul spectacularly drifting the car sideways on the bitumen circuit. Paul was also an official instructor, allowing himself to be driven in other participants cars, providing advice and instruction throughout the day.

Wesley Mission

Most folk will have heard of Wesley Mission, which is a welfare organisation based in Sydney and focused on helping many areas of the community. The team has recently been in contact with the Wesley Mission and is seeking to become involved with assisting the group in their youth programs - in particular with their underprivilidged youth camps. At this time we are hoping to be involved in the opening of a new camping facility in October. This will provide our team with an opportunity to give something back to the community, hopefully encouraging young folk to have goals and aim for their dreams, while again promoting the team and you our Supporters.

Wrap Up

That about wraps it up for this issue of the "3..2..1..GO! Rallying!" newsletter. Again, we thank all of you for your support and we encourage you to make use of ourselvs for any promotional opportunities you may have and we hope that together we can see 2000 grow our respective businesses together.